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Codification Of Environmental Law
The Conference on Codification of Environmental Law was organised on the occasion of the presentation of the Draft Decree on Environmental Policy to the Flemish government. The Draft Decree was prepared by the Interuniversity Commission for the Revision of Environmental Law in the Flemish Region. It codifies and revises environmental protection law and has, to a large extent, been influenced by EC Law. The conference provided a forum for the analysis of experiences and plans for codification i [ ... ]
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Competition Law Sanctioning in the European Union
As of May 2004, national competition authorities in EU Members States are empowered to enforce sanctions on infringement of the competition rules laid down in Articles 81 and 82 EC Treaty. As a result, it is crucially important for practitioners to be conversant with the competition law of the EU Member States. This book offers thorough reports by local practitioners or academics on twelve national competition law systems within the EU and focuses on sanctioning law. It includes detailed inform [ ... ]
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E-Business Law of the  European Union. Second Edition
Doing business over the Internet may raise a wide array of legal questions that can be crucial to the commercial success of the venture. e-Business Law of the European Union contains the text of the EU legislation which is of particular relevance to e- business, covering a broad spectrum of legal issues such as data protection, distance selling, electronic signatures, liability of online intermediates, electronic money, applicable law and jurisdiction in international disputes. This p [ ... ]
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European Aviation Law
Once a byword for the economic power of national government - with competition strictly regulated - European commercial aviation has now virtually become a market without state-imposed anticompetitive restrictions. Although intended to enhance competition, this situation has in fact driven airlines to form massive global alliances cartels that offer ever-shrinking benefits to the consumer. In this extraordinarily thorough, blow-by-blow analysis of how this happened ¿ or was allowed to ha [ ... ]
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European Criminal Law
European criminal law is a recent concept, one which does not appear to have been previously compiled; it is also a discipline of the future. At a time when a united Europe is still being formed while crime is becoming a multinational operation, it is impossible to avoid the creation of a pan-European body of criminal law, despite the fact that the concept of individual nationhood continues to exist within Europe. This is the reason for the gradual but certain development of a European system of [ ... ]
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General Clauses and Standards In European Contract Law. Comparative Law, EC Law and Contract Law Codification
General clauses or standards (Generalklauseln, clauses generales) are legal rules which are not precisely formulated, terms and concepts which in fact do not even have a clear core. They are often applied in varying degrees in various legal systems to a rather wide range of contract cases when certain issues arise issues such as abuse of rights, unfairness, good faith, fairness of duty or loyalty or honesty, duty of care, and other such contract terms not lending themselves readily to clear or p [ ... ]
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Indirect Representation in European Contract Law
Over the last few years increasing attention continues to be paid to the Principles of European Contract Law (otherwise known as the Principles, the Lando Principles or PECL). The drafters of the Principles presented their work in the form of articles accompanied by explanatory notes, averring that the main purpose of the instrument is to serve as a basis for a future European contract law. Can the Lando Principles, as their drafters claim, indeed offer an acceptable basis for a future European [ ... ]
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International Marine Environmental Law: Institutions, Implementation and Innovations
This volume deals with institutions, implementation and innovations in the field of international marine environmental law. It discusses some controversial legal aspects of the marine environment in the context of UNCLOS, as a framework for national, regional and global action in the marine sector. The purpose of this work is to faithfully report scientific expertise, legal insight and policy wisdom presented by the speakers and participants at the Conference. The book identifies major aspects [ ... ]
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Principles of European Contract Law - Part III
This is the third and last part of the Principles of European Contract Law prepared by the Commission of European Contract Law under the chairmanship of Professor Ole Lando. Parts I and II were published in 2000 and have attracted great interest and acclaim and a growing volume of secondary literature. The present volume follows the same pattern, a set of proposed Articles drawn up by the Commission, followed by comments and national notes containing a wealth of comparative law. The subjects de [ ... ]
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Unfair Competition Law.  European Union and Member States
The book delineates, with extraordinary clarity and precision, the working of unfair competition law throughout the European Union. Its four comprehensive chapters encompass: basic considerations of definition, subject matter, enforcement, and applicable law: international provisions under the Paris convention, TRIPS, and WIPO model law; analysis of relevant EC directives and regulations and ECJ jurisprudence; and extensive discussions of the national unfair competition laws of all 25 Member Sta [ ... ]
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