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The practice of international commercial law has become so complex since the onset of ‘globalisation’ that it has become virtually impossible for interested parties to collect their own copies of the various source materials. Hence this very welcome collection, which in its first edition quickly became a cornerstone resource for business lawyers. Now, after six years, the editor has thoroughly updated this truly indispensable book, making it far and away the most complete collection [ ... ]
909,00 lei
Fără TVA: 833,95 lei
An Introduction To Air Law -  9th Revised Edition
The prodigious scope of legal expertise demanded by practice in the field of international aviation law has been met by this preeminent resource for decades. Now in its ninth edition, and as always brought fully up to date with the newest developments, it is ready to be of unmatched service to any practicing member of the air law community anywhere in the world. Coverage includes such aspects as the following: ; sovereignty in airspace; market access and open skies agreements; inter-airlin [ ... ]
450,00 lei
Fără TVA: 412,84 lei
Aspects of Maritime Law: Claims under Bills of Lading
Maritime law has an international character. The practising lawyer will be confronted with international conventions and other international instruments containing uniform law. It is broadly acknowledged that such instruments should be construed and applied uniformly. Therefore, knowledge of foreign judgments is imperative. This book contains an extensive comparative law study of English, American and Dutch law concerning the construction of The Hague (Visby) Rules. Australian and Canadian law [ ... ]
684,00 lei
Fără TVA: 627,52 lei
Bank Guarantees in International Trade - 4th Revised Edition
For decades, this remarkable book – now in its updated fourth edition – has served practitioners in international trade and banking law as a thorough ‘codification’ of the law and practice of bank guarantees. The new edition has been thoroughly revised, updated, and amended in the light of new developments in the law and changing patterns in practice. Bertrams uses case law, arbitral decisions, and legal writing from five European jurisdictions – The Netherlands, Ge [ ... ]
990,00 lei
Fără TVA: 908,26 lei
Boards of Directors in European Companies. Reshaping and Harmonising their Organisation and Duties
The recent financial crisis has once again stressed the importance of good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility in building trust in the European internal market. It has given rise to a discussion of whether a number of issues should be addressed through regulation or soft law at EU level. These issues relate in particular to the duties of directors in European companies as well as how the board of directors is composed and structured. Drawing attention first to duties of di [ ... ]
585,00 lei
Fără TVA: 536,70 lei
Brazilian Commercial Law. A Practical Guide
This is the first book in English to provide a detailed guide to the ways into and around the Brazilian economy. Twenty leading Brazilian practitioners describe and interpret laws and regulations governing business set-up procedures, transactions, contracts, financing, taxation, securities, intellectual property, real estate, dispute resolution, environmental protection, and labour. They explore every issue likely to be important to investors, including the following: competition, mergers and [ ... ]
653,00 lei
Fără TVA: 599,08 lei
Civil Procedure in Serbia
Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this convenient volume provides comprehensive analysis of the legislation and rules that determine civil procedure and practice in Serbia. Lawyers who handle transnational matters will appreciate the book’s clear explanation of distinct terminology and application of rules. The structure follows the classical chapters of a handbook on civil procedure: beginning with the judicial organization of the courts, j [ ... ]
342,00 lei
Fără TVA: 313,76 lei
Competition Law in Brazil - 2nd edition
Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this practical analysis of competition law and its interpretation in Brazil covers every aspect of the subject – the various forms of restrictive agreements and abuse of dominance prohibited by law and the rules on merger control; tests of illegality; filing obligations; administrative investigation and enforcement procedures; civil remedies and criminal penalties; and raising challenges to administrative [ ... ]
306,00 lei
Fără TVA: 280,73 lei
Ghilotina cu miros de scortisoara
Poezia lui Lucaci îşi trăieşte VARA (o altă metaforă exemplară pentru starea sa de fapt), adică maturitatea deplină. (…) O POEZIE, care, pe lângă neliniştea metafizică, nu şi-a pierdut nici prospeţimea, nici virginitatea, nici ingenuitatea. De acum, antologiile 80-90 ar trebui să ţină cont (ceea ce nu prea au făcut până acum!) şi de numele lui Sorin Lucaci – şi să îl prindă, cu atenţie, între pagini. Mihail Gălăţanu Ritualic, tărăgănat, de-o melancol [ ... ]
10,00 lei
Fără TVA: 9,17 lei
Mesaje ale Pamantului
Liviu Constantinescu a fost profesor de geofizică la Universitatea din București și membru al Academiei Române. A organizat și condus Observatorul Geomagnetic Național Surlari și, succesiv, secțiile de geofizică din câteva institute ale Academiei. În cercetare a adus contribuții în domeniul câmpurilor naturale ale Pământului și în seismologie. A fost membru al mai multor organizații științifice internaționale, vicepreședinte al Uniunii Internaționale de [ ... ]
10,00 lei
Fără TVA: 9,17 lei