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Europe-China Tax Treaties
The book is the result of a joint research project on the tax treaties concluded between the People’s Republic of China and European countries. Each chapter carefully analyses the extent to which Chinese tax treaties follow the OECD Model Tax Convention on Income and Capital and the UN Income and Capital Model Convention. The focus is on the different policy decisions underlying the various provisions. Additionally, the contributions analyse the extent to which Chinese tax treaty policy d [ ... ]
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Tax Amnesties
The controversial assumption that underlies tax amnesties is that, at least in some situations, it is preferable to sacrifice the penalties for past non-compliance (and perhaps even the tax owing itself) in exchange for improved compliance in the future. Some commentators argue that tax amnesties actually undermine future compliance, because some taxpayers may be encouraged to engage in non-compliance in anticipation of future tax amnesty. Consequently, tax amnesties must be designed and implem [ ... ]
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The International Tax Law Concept of Dividend
The distribution of profits between corporations resident in different jurisdictions gives rise to significant tax planning opportunities for multinational enterprises. As cross-border transactions between corporations grow in number and complexity, the question of how a profit distribution is classified for corporate income tax purposes becomes increasingly important, particularly in the context of issues such as double taxation, non-taxation and tax neutrality. This unique and practical work c [ ... ]
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VAT Exemptions. Consequences and Design Alternatives
This book is the only in-depth analysis of VAT to focus on exemptions as a whole. Ten insightful chapters – by economists, lawyers, legal academics, and government tax advisors from a wide variety of jurisdictions – grapple with the essential questions: Are VAT exemptions desirable? Are they avoidable? Are alternative legal designs possible? Are such alternatives necessary? What new problems do such designs give rise to? The authors emphasize in particular the design alternatives to [ ... ]
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