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Collective Bargaining, Discrimination, Social Security and European Integration
Although nominally protected by a plethora of laws, and championed in several well-intentioned declarations and charters, today's worker often feels adrift on an uncharted sea subject to unpredictable currents that have nothing to do with the quality of his or her work. Can we get at the root of this serious problem? We can at least determine if our existing legal systems, especially in the area of collective bargaining, discrimination, social security and European integration are able and read [ ... ]
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European Labour Law - 14th Revised Edition
The vast single labour market of the European Union continues to manifest an ever-increasing interdependence of economies, companies, trade unions and employees, calling once again for an update of Roger Blanpain’s magisterial European Labour Law. This Thirteenth Edition remains the preeminent practice guide in its field, covering the full spectrum – legislation, collective agreements, and more than 400 cases – of both individual and collective labour law and practice from the [ ... ]
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Health and Safety At Work. European and Comparative Perspective
The safety obligation in any employment relationship, enshrined in numerous laws and regulations, must necessarily absorb advances in medicine and technology. The law of health and safety at work is perhaps best understood as an ongoing process engaged in the making of a dynamic and effective regulatory framework able to cope with an ever-changing work environment. This book, an in-depth survey of the current state of health and safety law in Europe represents the work of labour lawyers involved [ ... ]
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International Standard - Setting and Innovations in Social Security
Already from the beginning of the twentieth century, international standards on social security have been developed by international organizations. A very active period of standard setting was the 1950s–1970s, although the focus was primarily on European countries. Since the 1990s, few new standards have been developed. Yet, there are still large deficiencies in social protection in many countries, and poverty keeps on being an unsolved problem. At the same time, structural changes are int [ ... ]
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Introduction to European Social Security Law, 3rd edition
The social security law of the European Union (EU) has become of vital significance to persons living or working in EU Member States. The creation of the European Economic Area and the start of the task of accession of the candidate Members (Eastern European countries) has further increased its impact. This book describes EU social security law, beginning with the rules relevant to migrant workers. Coverage includes Regulations 1408/71 and 574/72 and the case law of the Court of Justice of the [ ... ]
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Labour Law in Great Britain - 6 edition
Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this monograph onlabour law in Great Britain not only describes and analyses the legal aspects of labour relations, but also examines labour relations practices and developing trends. It provides a survey of the subject that is both usefully brief and sufficiently detailed to answer most questions likely to arise in any pertinent legal setting. Both individual and collective labour relations are covered in ample de [ ... ]
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Social Security Law in the United States
Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this book describes the social security regime in the United States. It conveys a clear working knowledge of the legal mechanics affecting health care, employment injuries and occupational diseases, incapacity to work, pensions, survivors’ benefits, unemployment benefits and services, and family benefits. The analysis covers the field of application, conditions for entitlement, calculation of benefits, finan [ ... ]
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Social Security: An Introduction to the Basic Principles
Everybody uses the term `social security, but definitions vary widely. This unique book may be conceived as a wide-ranging definition, although in fact it emphasizes only part of the concept: that administrative function that grants cash benefits to offset or compensate for such `social risks as old age, disability, unemployment, costs of health care, and other instances occasioning the lack of means necessary for a decent existence. In an earlier form (1993), this book proved itself as a much-s [ ... ]
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