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Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business Volume 35a, 2014. Post-Employment Covenants in Employment Relationships
This edition of the Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business surveys issues involved in post-employment employer-employee relations and the ability of employers to control the conduct of a former employee. The survey's introductory chapter provides a general review of issues in te context of multiple jurisdictions, followed by country-by-country analyses of 17 jurisdictions, encompassing reports on Argentina, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Japan, Lux [ ... ]
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Fără TVA: 619,27 lei
Introduction to German Law- 2nd Edition
It is nearly ten years since the appearance of the successful first edition of this convenient English-language introduction to the law of Germany. This new edition covers all the significant changes and innovations that have occurred during that period, encompassing the pervasive impacts of European law and of globalisation, the major recent reform of the German Civil Code, and the greatly increased activity of the German legislature in every area. With fifteen lucid chapters written by academ [ ... ]
725,00 lei
Fără TVA: 665,14 lei
Introduction to Italian Law
This is a methodologically advanced introduction to the main features of the Italian Legal System. Its eighteen chapters cover all the significant changes and innovations that have recently taken place, including: a new system of private international law; a greatly altered and expanded body of family law; a new code of criminal procedure; fundamental changes in civil procedure; the effects of European legislation on Italian municipal law; the reformation of administrative law; and the [ ... ]
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Introduction to the Law of the United States
As issues in American law turn up with ever-greater frequency in dozens of countries worldwide, some familiarity with the legal system of the United States of America has become de rigueur for practising lawyers everywhere. This incomparable handbook, now in its Second Edition, provides an authoritative description of the major elements, including all matters likely to emerge in the course of normal legal activity. Written from a clear and cogent comparative perspective, it is of great practical [ ... ]
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Fără TVA: 260,55 lei