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Drept maritim și aviatic

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An Introduction To Air Law -  9th Revised Edition
The prodigious scope of legal expertise demanded by practice in the field of international aviation law has been met by this preeminent resource for decades. Now in its ninth edition, and as always brought fully up to date with the newest developments, it is ready to be of unmatched service to any practicing member of the air law community anywhere in the world. Coverage includes such aspects as the following: ; sovereignty in airspace; market access and open skies agreements; inter-airlin [ ... ]
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Aspects of Maritime Law: Claims under Bills of Lading
Maritime law has an international character. The practising lawyer will be confronted with international conventions and other international instruments containing uniform law. It is broadly acknowledged that such instruments should be construed and applied uniformly. Therefore, knowledge of foreign judgments is imperative. This book contains an extensive comparative law study of English, American and Dutch law concerning the construction of The Hague (Visby) Rules. Australian and Canadian law [ ... ]
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European Aviation Law
Once a byword for the economic power of national government - with competition strictly regulated - European commercial aviation has now virtually become a market without state-imposed anticompetitive restrictions. Although intended to enhance competition, this situation has in fact driven airlines to form massive global alliances cartels that offer ever-shrinking benefits to the consumer. In this extraordinarily thorough, blow-by-blow analysis of how this happened ¿ or was allowed to ha [ ... ]
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Liability Rules To International AirTransportation as Developed by the Courts in the US: Warsaw 1929 - Montreal 1999
The impact of United States jurisprudence on air carrier liability involving international air transportation has been so great over many decades that it is not unreasonable to conceive of that body of jurisprudence as the principal source for the interpretation and application of the uniform rules relating to air carrier liability in the international transportation by air of passengers, baggage and cargo, as envisioned by the original drafters of the Warsaw Convention of 1929. Hence, an in-dep [ ... ]
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