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Citizenship Rights and Freedom of Movement in the European Union
Although EU citizenship may appear to be a straightforward and unproblematic matter – each citizen of a Member State is a citizen of the Union – there are in fact situations in which EU citizenship status can become a thorny issue, at times even determining the outcome of a case. Because the rights automatically recognized with nationality most clearly involve the fundamental right of moving and residing freely, the case law relating freedom of movement with EU citizenship status is [ ... ]
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Customs Law of the European Union - 4th edition
Today, customs officials are facing new challenges: they must ensure the smooth flow of trade while applying necessary controls on the one hand, while protecting the health and safety of the Community's citizens on the other. To achieve - and maintain - the correct balance between these demands, control methods are constantly evolving raising major challenges to those charged with planning and compliance. Customs Law of the European Union is a highly practical work dealing with the ins-and [ ... ]
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EU Agricultural Law
The European Union‘s common agricultural policy is without question the most economically significant policy area in EU law, as well as the area in which Union regulation has been implemented most consistently and intensely. This book contends that today, considering this comprehensive regulation of issues that are of prime economic importance – and the rich case law that this EU policy has generated – EU agricultural law cannot be treated as an isolated discipline, but must be [ ... ]
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EU Ordre Public
In a cogent, detailed analysis, the author ‘reconstructs’ the legal order of the European Union in a way that best gives meaning to the Treaties, the case law of the Court of Justice, and the various underlying principles of integration that have emerged over the decades. He focuses on instances, or touchstones, in relation to which EU law seems to be building and integrating an ordre public. Among these are the following:   international trade law and arbitration; publ [ ... ]
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EU Regulation of Access to Labour Markets. A Case Study of EU Constraints on Member States Competences
With a focus on how directly the conditions of access to employment are modified by EU legislation and case law, this important book critically analyses the mandate by which the EU constrains domestic competences to regulate access to labour markets. The author identifies an ‘EU public-social order approach’ – a set of norms imposed by EU institutions on domestic authorities in the performance of a task with social implications. In the area of access to labour markets, this app [ ... ]
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General Principles of EU Law and European Private Law
This book addresses and highlights the core issues concerning general principles of EU law and their relationship with and impact on private law. With the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights became a legally binding source of primary law and highlights, together with the General Principles of EU law, the importance of fundamental rights in the legal system of the Union. This increased visibility means that private parties have begun to rely on fundamental [ ... ]
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General Principles of European Community Law
This book is based on a selection of papers presented at the Conference in Malmu, Sweden, which was organized by the Swedish Network for European Legal Studies in cooperation with the Faculty of Law of the University of Lund. The purpose of the conference was to analyze general principles and their scope in the EU legal order with special emphasis on their role in the creation of a jus commune europaeum. The impact of the general principles of Community Law at the national level was analyz [ ... ]
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Legal Elements of European Identity: EU Citizenship and Migration Law
The individual has become visible throughout Europe and within its institutions as a potential or actual rights holder. He or she is no longer defined as visible or invisible in law by the nation state alone. In today¿s Europe, he or she establishes identity¿that is, the rights to entry, residence, work, family life, and protection from expulsion¿through a multilayered legal structure involving the nation state, the EU, and the Council of Europe and all their political, admi [ ... ]
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